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Using Consultants

Using a Consulting Group
for IPA Implementation and Support

The following is a comprehensive list of tasks, projects and activities which the typical IPA would encounter in both the developmental and operational phases. This can be used as a checklist against which the IPA could identify areas where it has the internal resources and capabilities to perform the task, as well as areas where the IPA might wish to out-source the work through a consulting firm to further support its initiatives.

Governance Support

Development of bylaws

Board education

Development and maintenance of Board and committee agendas

Completion and distribution of Board member meeting booklet

Representative meeting attendance and preparation of minutes

Monitoring of open Board items

Assistance to Board members in fulfilling duties

Membership Relations

Development of membership application forms

800 number telephone support for IPA providers with documentation of activity

Response to questions and requests for materials from members

Coordination of member questions with Board

Membership Data Base Development and Management

Development of member data base on generic fields or customized client requested fields

Ongoing maintenance of data base with regular updating of new or revised member information received including monthly reports

Market Development

Market and network research

Preparation of demographics reports

Assessment of special market needs

Development of marketing plan and payor analysis

Assistance with network development

Strategic Support

Strategic planning

On-site interim management

Development of infrastructure

Credentialing support

Information system requirements

Assistance with Requests for Proposals (RFP’s)

Vendor analysis

Coordination of in-house eligibility/benefits support system

Coordination of utilization/case and disease management


Financial planning

Annual budget development

Monthly financial reports

Board report in support of Treasurer

Financial, workload and performance analysis

Incurred But Not Reported claims (IBNR) and capitation accounting

Fee schedule development and analysis

Actuarial oriented budget development

Risk infrastructure development

Consultation regarding stop loss /other insurance requirements

Revenue stream development


Capitations and incentives

Outside services, i.e., utilization review/network access fees


Special Projects/Approaches

Annual, semiannual, quarterly newsletters and mailings

Special announcement letter mailings

Development of new mailing lists

Coordination of annual general membership meetings

Annual Meeting

Educational session

Program report

Assistance with nomination solicitation from membership

Development of ballot with Board coordination

Support of proxy voting function

Web page implementation

Site registration

Web page design and layout