The following document provides a sample job description for entities in the process of developing and selecting the principal figure in leading the efforts of a functional MSO.

MSO Principal Consultant/Executive Director


  1. Bachelor’s degree in business or health care related field required; master’s degree preferred.

  2. At least ten years active experience in physician practice management in progressively more responsible positions, minimum five years as practice administrator.

  3. Membership in Medical Group Management Association or similar, advancement toward fellowship status preferred.

  4. Demonstrated experience in managed care contracting, budgeting, financial analysis, and reimbursement.

  5. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.


  1. Interviews, hires, disciplines all management services organization staff.

  2. Approves management services organization expenditures within the scope of an established financial budget, up to a maximum of $1,000/expenditure.

  3. May sign, on behalf of the management services organization, agreements and contracts which have been approved through the MSO board.

Responsibility – Personnel Management

  1. Provides on-going, day-to-day supervision for all other management services organization employees. Coaches, counsels, and directs their performance.

  2. Establishes job descriptions for all positions, approved through the MSO Coordinating Council and Board.

  3. Proposes, prepares and revises, as necessary, all personnel related policies and procedures.

  4. Assures compliance with all local, state and federal laws regarding employment practices, employee health, etc.

Responsibility – Financial

  1. Prepares an annual operating budget (revenue and expense) for review and approval by the MSO Coordinating Council and Board.

  2. Prepares monthly statistical reports summarizing the financial performance of the organization for Council and Board review.

  3. Assures that MSO operates within budgetary constraints approved through appropriate organizational structure. Identifies potential and actual deviation from budget and develops corrective action plan where necessary.

  4. Prepares financial feasibility reports regarding the provision of present and newly proposed services.

Responsibility – Marketing

  1. Assists in the development of a marketing plan for the organization. Identifies potential new services and performs assessment of likelihood of success in the marketplace.

  2. Assists in developing marketing materials for the firm.

  3. Conduct sales meetings with potential clients.

  4. Assures that overall marketing plan is implemented, monitored and results reported on a regular basis to Coordinating Council and Board.

Responsibility – Client Services

  1. Ultimately responsible for the quality of the services provided to clients.

  2. Provides client services directly in areas of personal expertise, including but not limited to any of the following:a.  Personnel managementb.  Personnel recruitment

    c.  Medical records management

    d.  Purchasing

    e.  Financing and refinancing analysis

    f.   Practice valuation and sales

    g.  Physician and paramedical staff recruitment

    h.  Managed care contracting

    i.   Contract negotiation

    j.   Equipment purchase/lease

    k.  Billing and reimbursement

    l.   Product line development

    m. Physician practice marketing

    n.  Regulatory requirements (OSHA, CLIA, etc.)

    o.  Continuing education

    p.  Feasibility studies

    q.  Computer hardware and software selection

    r.   Risk management

  3. Routinely monitor client satisfaction and report results to Board and Coordinating Council.

Responsibility – Board and Coordinating Council

  1. Provides staff support for Coordinating Council, Board and all committees. Assures that agendas, minutes, etc., are reported in a timely fashion.

  2. Provides direction and advice on all issues before the Council, Board or individual committees with respect to services of the MSO, staff, etc.

  3. Prepares monthly management report with key performance indicators and narrative notes for Board and Coordinating Council.

  4. Provides for all follow-up for feasibility studies, investigations, etc., regarding new or potential service lines, agreements, contracts, etc.

  5. Other responsibilities as determined from time-to-time.
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