Patient Education

Better Health’s Managed Healthcare Plan Survey ***

J.D. Power and MedStat conduct this annual survey which gauges consumer attitudes and perceptions and provides a list of the top managed care plans in 17 major metropolitan areas.
HealthGate ***
An easy to use, well presented site. The site provides links to healthcare news and disease information from such sources as the American Academy of Pediatrics, Reuters Health News and the American College of Surgeons. This site is URAC Certified.
KidsHealth ****
This site uses art, color and fun activities to present health information to children and their parents.  Sponsored by the Nemours Foundation, it has sections  with content geared to kids, teens, and adults, including toy reviews, accident prevention tips, and recipes.
Dr. Koops Community ****

This site provides a wealth of information. In addition to daily features, you can search for health information by topic and subscribe to Dr. Koop’s e-mail newsletter, as well as access health encyclopedias and reviews of other sites.
CyberDiet ****

This very good site includes features such as a guided tour, a nutritional profile, assessment tools, a food court, a fast food quest, food facts, eating right, a recipe index, exercise tips, video exercise, diet preservers, over 50, bookstore, testimonials, recommendations, awards, and a daily food planner.
Ask Dr. Weil **
A leader in the integration of Western medicine and the field of alternative medicine, Dr. Weil answers a different question every day; site includes Q & A, 8 Weeks to a Healthy America, Doc Weil Database, Need a Referral?, Recipe of the Week, and Ask Dr. Weil Bulletin
Breast Cancer Answers **
Hot Topics; Ask a Breast Cancer Question; Frequently Asked Questions; Breast Cancer Resources; Questions You Should Ask Your Doctor; Clinical Trials; About Breast Cancer Answers
DOCS-ONLINE: The Internet Health Care Directory *

A health care directory that allows you to locate dentists, physicians, health care providers, or hospitals in your area based on your specific health care needs
Global Initiative for Asthma **
Home page for this organization dedicated to increasing public awareness of asthma. Workshop Report; Practical Guide for Asthma management; Pocket Guide for Asthma Management; Patient Guide to Asthma; and access to the American Lung Association.
Go Ask Alice **
Interactive question and answer service for health questions at Columbia University.****

Provided by the Department of Health and Human Services, this is an excellent source of all types of health-related information for lay people, patients; including health news, health topics, and links to find services (based on organizations  like the AMA and other specialty groups/societies).


Online resource for better patient care.  Includes information on wide range of topics, including oncology, managed care, pharmacotherapy, and more.   Most of the information is restricted to site members.
National Parent Information Network

This site is just wonderful for new parents as well as those who already have children. There is even a manual for the new baby. It gives tips on how to deal with the baby, as well as what to expect in the first few months of the baby’s life.  There are also ways to subscribe to their discussion list, PARENTING-L. Overall, a worthwhile and informative site.
Internet Resources for Special Children **

This site has a list of links, what’s new, a background, a section that has news issues, a place where you can search the web, credits, and awards. This is great for parents of special children. Not very big, but informative.
Family Health ***

This site has a ton of information on different topics that pertain to family health. A great site for parents and other family members. A must-visit.
Women’s Health Hot Line Home Page

The majority of the newsletter articles at this home page focus on heart disease but other issues, such as how to choose a GP and hormone therapy for menopause are also covered. A great website for women as well as health professionals. This site is very informative.
Alzheimer’s Disease Web Page

This Website covers all the basics, from general information on the disease, including ten ways to help an Alzheimer’s family, to resources for care givers and practitioners. It also catalogs the best-known research on Alzheimer’s currently underway at the National Institute on Aging. The family support services offer some interesting links to the Well’s Zen Hospice Center and to GriefNet, a group that helps those dealing with their loved ones’ final days.
National Osteoporosis Foundation

This site gives information on the disease itself, treatment, and prevention. Definitions of the disease are displayed in dictionary-like entries, in large type with black and white medical illustrations. Clear, easy to follow entries on how to prevent and treat the disease are also included. A great site for women especially, but this site can also be helpful for medical professionals and anyone interested.
Arthritis Foundation

Packed with information on how to get help for stiff joints, this Website links to other arthritis resources, contact information, and archives of the Foundation’s newsletter Arthritis Today. The Question & Answer page tackles basic questions about arthritis. This page is great for medical professionals, but it is mainly for patients who have arthritis and questions about their condition.
The Dental Consumer Advisor Home Page

Sparing you a long stroll through dentists’ waiting rooms picking up brochures explaining how to find a good dentist, what dental insurance benefits exist, basic dental health facts, and basic dental terminology, this has all the above information and much more.
The Orthodontic Information Page

This site just has a lot of braces information for adults as well as children. It has a place where the patient can ask questions, such as, “Why get braces?”   The site is sponsored by Masel Industries, the company  a manufacturer of orthodontic products.
Dietetics Online **

This site includes features such as a marketplace, Nutrition Online, DO Quarterly, chat logs, dietetic groups, professional links, guest book, members only area, and much more. This site is good, but it does not have an over-abundance of information.
Macrobiotics Online **

This is somewhat well-organized and includes “What’s New,” macrobiotics information, a catalog, conference updates, and information about the Kushi Institute.  Great for people interested in macrobiotics.
International Food Information Council ***

This site has information about the group, food safety and nutrition, publications, information for educators, and other related links. This site is great for anyone interested.
Finding Help: How to Choose a Psychologist ***

This site is very helpful for anyone who is considering a psychologist. It tells what to qualifications to look for and certain questions to ask to make sure the psychologist is right for you. It has a bunch of useful information.
Internet Mental Health ***

This site has a welcoming introduction, a disorders section, a medications page, diagnosis links, awards, and an index. It is a great site and is for people who want to recover from their condition, or for people who have recovered and now need some information. It is very colorful and the graphics are great.
American Hyperlexia Association **

This site includes announcements, information about the AHA, parent’s tool kit, materials which can be ordered, info about conferences, networking, kids, and links to other useful sites. This site is extremely colorful and appealing. It is great for parents and kids.
Bereavement Research Network ***

This visitor-made site has many features, from a course on death and dying to a workshop on mortality. The page’s resources section collects the major bereavement sites on the web, as well as new groups and mailing lists. This is great for anyone who is coping with a loss.
Open Season **
This site has a lot of directories, an information desk,  and a healthy living area. This is good for virtually anyone who wants to use it.
HealthWorld Online ***

This site has a fair amount of information, but is not that big or colorful. It includes features such as: a welcome center, quick index, site search, free medline, global calendar, forums, cybrarian, newsletter, opportunities, and news. Good for anyone who is concerned about their health
Join Together Online **

This site includes information on news, community action, funding news, public policy, hot issues, who’s who, national forum, and a cool store. This site is for anyone interested, and has very good organization and graphics. Worth a visit.
The Cornell Back Injury Prevention Page

This good Website describes the program and lists its services, including educational presentations and exercise classes. There is also a link to the Back Injury Prevention Newsletter, which contains news about back injury prevention.
Royal National Institute for the Blind **

This is a great site for the blind and their families. It includes what the organization does, how you can help, news and events, information, blindness and partial sight, links to other sights, and WWW projects. It is a very informative and fun sight to visit.
Christopher &Dana Reeve Foundation **

This site includes information on progress made, links, events, discussion, and research. This mostly tells about the group and has opportunities for you to join. It has colorful graphics, and is for anyone interested in the group.
The Hub for Information for People in Wheelchairs **

This site has information for the handicapped about sex, home, travel, health, journals, people, hope, sports, wheels, women, regional law, and parenting. This is a very informative site that has very good design and organization. The graphics and color are great. Designed exclusively for handicapped people and their families.
Intellectual Disability Network ***

This site has all the information that disabled people and their families could want. It has a ton of links to places all over the Internet. It teaches the disabled how to get on with their condition. It is a great site for all disabled people. It is also good for anyone interested in disabilities.
MUSC Digestive Disease Center Home Page **

This has a lot of topics on digestive diseases for you to scope out, and there is even a few links to sites that have more information on a certain disease. This is great for patients because it is easy to understand and look for information. Medical professionals could also use this site. Very good to visit if you need some information.
The Helicobacter pylori Foundation Page

This very good site includes information about Helicogacter pylori. It has a great cookbook that is heaven for people with ulcers. It also has information on this disease in animals, discussion, frequently asked questions, a guestbook, other links, site searches, stock quotes, and treatment information. A very useful site.

This site has advice and information on AIDS and how to prevent it. It has a ton of links to places all over the Internet. It is great for AIDS patients. It is also good to inform teenagers and others of potential risk for AIDS in their lives. A very informative page.
MS crossroads ***

This big site includes information on: MS stuff, support, MS research, researchers, medline, MS medications, speculation, medical stuff, software for the disabled, and other MS pages. This pretty good sized site offers information for both the MS patient and the doctor or other medical professional.
Children with Diabetes Online Community

Not just for kids, this site has special sections for parents and adults who are coping with juvenile diabetes. Everything is designed to make dealing with diabetes a lot easier for all involved. An advice section allows parents and kids to get diabetic tips and talk to experts. Bulletin boards bring parents together for chatting, while kids hang out in their own fun-packed corner. Links to its sponsor, the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, and other medical groups provide further information while a products-and services-section offers info on special summer camps and low-fat cheesecake recipes.
The Heart The Engine of Life

This site has up-close and personal photos of blood pumping through the aorta form every possible angle are featured at this Franklin Institute of Science’s visually rich site, where everyone can be a cybercardiologist. Explore the complexities of the heart’s development and structure, follow the blood through the vessels and wander through a web of body systems. Along the way, check out the enrichment activities such as a quiz to see how your cardiovascular IQ is pumping up or a feature on the use of the heart in pop culture. A very interesting site for everyone, especially patients.
World Federation of Hemophilia (Hemophilia) **

This site includes a library, global guide, a search, what’s new, congress, product information, events, and ask the doc. This site is not big at all and doesn’t offer that much information. It is, however, a good site for victims of Hemophilia, and families involved.
Gaucher Disease ***

This site has a ton of information but, unfortunately, is not well organized at all. It provides information about current issues in diagnosis and treatment of Gaucher Disease. A good site, if you have a lot of time on your hands. Good for anyone.
Diseases of the Liver **

From the will-known alcoholic liver disease to the obscure Wilson’s disease, they’re all there, in concise hypertext descriptions courtesy of a specialist at New York’s Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. Several of the pages also hold links to other online information. Doctors will want to stop by to check out the ever-changing library of research papers on liver disease. This is great for a person who doesn’t understand what is wrong with him or herself.
Canadian Pediatric Kidney Disease Research Center

At this site, anxious parents can find out about treatment and prevention of this syndrome. A large collection of links leads to other renal and pediatric sites. A great site for children as well as adults because here, children can learn more about their condition.
Bone Marrow Donors Worldwide *

This site updates anyone who wants to know about Bone Marrow Donors. If you need a transplant, you can find who will give it to you here. This page has the group’s events, what’s new, and ways that you can become a donor. Very helpful. Good for anyone interested.
E.F. Moody’s Long Term Care Site & Link ****
Moody’s provides an extensive guide to and through the aging process with special attention to medical, financial, social and institutional topics in an easy to use and understand approach. Special features include questionnaires, checklists and linages to other gerontology web sites including HCFA’s Medicare and Medicaid site, the Center for Disease Control, a hospice link, the Gerontological Society of America Link and close to 100 other linked sites.
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