Albert Einstein College of Medicine **

Located in Bronx, New York, with programs in medical education and biomedical research. The site provides general information about the college, its programs, and the staff.
Beth Israel Health Care System ***

The Manhattan campus for Albert Einstein College of Medicine; goal is to provide reliable information, preventive measures, and guidelines for proper medical care. This site is laid out well, but most of the information is concerning cardiology and cancer — lots of information here.
Calvary Hospital **

A 200 bed, not-for-profit hospital dedicated to adults in the advanced stages of cancer, whose focus is on the symptoms of the disease and not its cure. This site has lots of information about Calvary and is useful to anyone interested in this.
Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center ***

The first academic medical center in the world; their focus is on medicine, dentistry, nursing and public health. Lots and lots of information about CPMC, including a section dedicated to Health Care Providers.
LIJ Home Page ***

The Long Island campus for Albert Einstein College of Medicine; it is an 829-bed voluntary, non-profit, tertiary care teaching hospital. Huge site with TONS of information about LIJ and its affiliates; also includes many links.
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center ***

A world leader in cancer care, research, and education; their goal is to provide patients, family members, health-care professionals, researchers, and the general public with valuable cancer care information. This site is well organized and has lots of information, not only about MSK, but about cancer as well.
Metropolitan Jewish Health System **

Brooklyn-based health system providing extended-, home-, continuing-, primary-, chronic-, and child-care; health insurance; research; and senior housing. This site contains information about each of these services, as well as health information specifically for those over 65 years of age.

This site features information about their medical and graduate schools, library, computing, events, research, staff, and bookstore. This site also contains links to web pages having to do with all facets of medicine.
NYU Medical Center **

With a focus on education, research, and patient care, they are the first in the nation to provide a cooperative care unit where care partners live-in with patients during their stay. This site contains lots of information about NYU and multiple search engines, but that’s about it.
Sisters of Charity **

Staten Island’s only integrated health care delivery; it consists of two acute care hospitals, a nursing home, home health care, a hospice, a child learning center, and two low income senior housing developments. This site contains lots of information about Sisters of Charity.
St. Charles Hospital **

A 271-bed voluntary, non-profit healthcare facility serving the medical, surgical, and rehabilitation needs of the community. This site contains information about St. Charles’ programs and services, as well as an article of the month and a few health links.
St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center (DOCNET) Home Page **

One of the largest private hospitals in the United States, they have rebuilt and offer some of the most advanced facilities and services available in New York. Good information about the hospitals; this site includes a LARGE list of contact numbers for self-help groups and other medical resources.
Staten Island University Hospital ***

A multi-site, Level 1 trauma center providing full inpatient and outpatient services. This is a very large site, with over 25 topics to review (many of these containing subtopics); also contains links to over 60 medical-related web sites.
The Burke Rehabilitation Hospital *

Located in White Plains, NY, this private, non-profit facility specializes in in- and out-patient multidisciplinary physical rehabilitation and research. This site not only contains information about Burke, but also several photos to help get a feel for it. They also offer a text-only version.
The Hudson Valley Hospital Center *

A 120-bed, voluntary, non-profit hospital located in Peekskill, NY. Includes information on the Center, as well as a look at their Birthing Cottage, a unique setting where families can experience a birth together.
The Long Island College Hospital *

A 551-bed health care facility with over 60 clinics. This site contains some information about LICH, the most impressive being the section detailing the history of the hospital.
The Mount Sinai Medical Center *

A 1,171 bed tertiary-care teaching hospital located in Manhattan. This site contains plenty of information about the medical center, but it is mainly an overview.
The New York Eye and Ear Infirmary ***

The oldest specialized hospital in the Western Hemisphere, their focus is on the eye, ear, nose, throat, head, and neck. Quite a bit of information at this site, including many essays featuring photos and sound bytes by the authors. Also contains an Electronic Grand Rounds, and a Clinical Services FAQ.
Huntington Hospital **

This non-profit, general acute care institution is a member of the North Shore Health System. This site contains information on the hospital itself, and a limited number of health-related articles.
HospitalWeb ****

This site has been rated as one of the largest repositories of information about hospitals with Websites.  Special features include an “Interesting Medical Site” of the week presentation, a link to medical school and residency program information sites and a listing of relevant medical companies and organizations.
The Mayo Clinic ****

Mayo provides not only a look at Mayo medical services, schools, medical staff and publications but also insights into current research.  Special features include interactive ways to find reliable health information, a special Mayo Nurse Connection and the Mayo Health O@sis.
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