Healthcare Companies

American Health Consultants ****

This great site includes information on hot topics in the news, case management, clinical medicine, emergency medicine, home health and outpatient, hospital management, infection control, physician payment, and other centers. A great site for anyone.
CIGNA Home Page **
Provider of healthcare and insurance, dedicated to helping people stay healthy, save for retirement, and companies provide benefits to employees. LOTS of information, including a great section on health and safety. Useful to just about anyone needing insurance or investment information.

Healthcare accounting resource; site includes Library, Comprehensive Index, Valuation Database Program, and others. Small site with very few pages, although the information could be useful to anyone interested in this company and what it has to offer.
Group Health International *

New York-based healthcare provider, with information on benefits and hospitals for members; also a section on THINC, whose goal is to create electronic links between providers and insurers, reducing costs and improving management of patient care in the Metro New York area. This site is laid out well, although the information is probably only beneficial to those in New York, with the exception of Just For Fun.
Milliman Robertson Healthcare Management *

Firm providing actuarial and clinical consulting services and resources; easy to follow site of possible use to hospital finalncial managers, practice managers and managed care organizations.
Universal Medical Products **

Company providing medical supplies and personal care products; can shop from home for all kinds of products. Well organized site with a hidden bonus — once inside you can click on the musical notes and download sound files (anything from a grand piano to arrangements of songs like I Want To Hold Your Hand).
Blue Cross Blue Shield United of Wisconsin *

This site only has contact information and about the company. Good for anyone interested in the company.
American Medical Informatics Association ****

This site provides information in regards to computer applications in medical care including educational events, association membership services and publications.  Special features include access to other medical informatics-related Web sites and on-line access to bills in the U.S. Congress.
Tenet Healthcare Corporation ***

Tenet, a rapidly growing nation wide provider of healthcare services, supports this site with information related to Tenet corporate hospital entities and associated physicians. The site also provides general health related information.  Special features include a Tenet search engine which provides articles and information related to both search topics and Tenet, i.e., managed care, mergers, cancer, wellness or other topics of your choice.
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