Associations and Societies

The National Commission of Quality Assurance The Commission offers a web site table of multiple topics regarding health care staff, consumers and employers, quality assurance programs and guidelines, as well as accreditation standards, products, education, and other services.

American Association of Integrated Healthcare Delivery Systems The American Association of Integrated Healthcare Delivery Systems (AAIHDS) site is intended to educate IPA, PHO and MSO executives, medical directors, physicians and other health system professionals in the development, support and refinement of IHDSs. The site provides research, monographs and information on publications and upcoming conferences. Additional links to associated organizations and other resources are also available.

The IPA Association of America The IPA Association of America (TIPAAA) web site provides a listing of resources, publications, manuals, surveys and statistics for physician organization leadership. A listing of TIPAAA annual and regional meetings and educational symposiums is also included. A link to the HCFA site for PSO information related to Medicare+ Choice requirements and regulations for implementation is provided. A unique web feature is the “Ask The Expert” service which allows anyone to submit on-line a question or problem.

American Association of Healthplans The American Association of Healthplans (AAHP) site provides information on how the AAHP can serve its members with a calendar of educational programs, related services and products, as well as excerpts from and an archive for the Healthplan periodical. In the “What’s New” section, recent related initiatives and progress are listed including hyperlinks. The online research library provides selected biographies as well as AAHP reports and statistics.

Healthcare Financial Management Association  The Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) site provides both visitors and members with excellent services including an extensive on-line resource guide of financial oriented products and services. Excerpts from HFM magazine, a listing of upcoming seminars and conferences, and suggested publications and books are also available. Members can partake in chat rooms and several forums, i.e., managed care, CFO and compliance. The site is personalized by offering contacts for each local chapter to further support the site visitor.

American College of Physicians  The nation’s largest medical specialty society. Very comprehensive information, mainly geared towards internists, with many features for members only. Features a Zebra Cards section and many articles.

American Gastroenterological Association  Website to the oldest non-profit specialty medical society in the country. Good information on their society and gastroenterological health, in general (both for patients and physicians).

American Medical Association  The American Medical Association (AMA) site contains a myriad of information, resources and links available to both visitors and members alike. In addition to listing upcoming events, products and services, details of pertinent issues affecting AMA members and healthcare providers in general are included, along with links to both clinical and general interest sites and resources. An on-line “Doctor Finder” includes virtually every licensed physician in the U.S., a search section provides easy access for searches, and “Members Only” forums are also available.

American Red Cross  This site contains information on the Red Cross, its programs, and how to get involved or donate. It also includes personal stories and a Virtual Museum that guides you through the history of this organization. Nice graphics.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention  Lots about the CDC, as well as many different diseases. A great section on Travelers’ Health and many links to other resources. Well organized but not real pretty to look at.

Doctors Without Borders  Information about an agency that delivers medical relief to populations in danger due to war, civil strife, epidemics, or natural disasters. Lots about this non-profit agency, including how to donate and/or volunteer, a directory of diseases, and links to numerous sites designed to help non-profits. Easy-to-follow format.

Institute for Family Health Non-profit corporation dedicated to the development of primary care services and education in communities of high medical needs in New York City. General information is presented here. Useful to those interested in the program.

United Hospital Fund of New York  A health service research and philanthropic organization addressing critical issues affecting hospitals and healthcare in New York City. Lots about this charitable organization – of use to anyone interested in their mission. Also, provides lists of hospitals (several with links) in and around New York City.

World Health Organization  More information than anyone would probably ever need on this global organization. This site is organized well, considering the volumes contained within it, but can be very slow.

Food and Drug Administration This site includes an overview, information on program areas, special interest areas, interacting with the center, and other sources of food information. It is good for anyone.

The Occupational Safety Health Administration This site includes information about assistant secretaries, information, what’s new, media releases, publications, programs and OSHA services, and compliance assistance. Good for anyone.

American College of Physicians This site is great for doctors. It has information about internal medicine. On the inconvenient side, a lot of information on this site for college members only. However, the site has ways anyone can join. It also has information about the college, ACP chapters, and how to become a member.

American Diabetes Association  This site is helpful to anyone who wants to know more about diabetes. It includes a calendar of events for every month of the year, an update on new and upcoming American Diabetes Association events, and low-fat recipes that prevent diabetes. You can also join the association and learn about it and what it does. Learn if you are at risk by taking the Are you at risk? quiz. Shop the bookstore, which has books on diabetes and other heath-related topics. Also, a place for heath professionals to go. Includes practice recommendations, journals, councils and forums, awards and grants, plus patient information.

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases  Most of this site is businesslike, but check the fact sheets out for info on many diseases, like AIDS and Lyme disease. There are also facts sheets on many other maladies and vaccine updates on diseases. This Website is good for patients as well as doctors.

The American Dental Association Updated daily, this is a full-service multimedia extravaganza covering all areas of American dentistry under four main headings: News, Practice and Professionals, Products and Service, and Consumer Information. These topics are packed with information and can be easily accessed by anyone interested. This is great for medical professionals as well as families interested in their dental health.

American Public Health Association APHA is one of the best health sources on the Internet. The group is committed to bringing people together in a multi-disciplinary environment, so this home page contains a huge array of information for everyone form the scientist to the activist. For those interested in getting more specific, links abound. APHA members can obtain access to a range of discussion groups as well as a fax-on demand-service.

National Coalition on Health Care  The National Coalition on Health Care provides information and statistics focused on improving the nations health care system through research, communication and education. Special features include health care topics for business, children, senior citizens, and for public health.  Upcoming educational meetings and conferences, press releases, articles and outlines of speeches related to quality and access to healthcare are also available on-line.

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation  Results of studies being conducted and funded by the Foundation. Additional work beyond the norm is required as most of the information must be sought using the sites search engine.  Special features include how to apply for a Foundation grant, news and health tracking is worth the visit.

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