The La Penna Group, Inc. provides strategic and financial consulting services to the health care industry. For twenty-five years, our consultants have provided support to physicians, hospitals, provider networks, and employers for their strategic and tactical initiatives. Our staff offer a comprehensive set of management skills and in-depth experience for managing change in almost any health care setting.

Our clients include many of the premier medical practices and health care systems in the country, as well as Fortune 500 employers.  We are routinely engaged in the most competitive and rapidly transforming healthcare environments all across the country.  Practice re-organization?  MSO’s?  Risk-sharing? Gainsharing? Ambulatory care development? Mergers and acquisitions?  We have done them all.  With the advent of new terms and relationships under health care reform, providers will need to stick to the business basics as they delve into complex arrangements like accountable care organizations (ACO’s) and co-management structures.  We can help.

The difference with our group is that we have done it before and we can help and support your efforts in strategy and planning and when the core goals and objectives are defined — we will make sure they are implemented.

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